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About Us

Dr. Martin was a associate and partner in Large Animal Veterinary Associates, located in El Cajon, California, for nearly 30 years before beginning Martin Equine Veterinary Practice in 2019. While the name has changed the person has not and the level of care you have come to appreciate from Dr. Martin will seamlessly continue for our clients.


Our hope is to grow MEVP into a multi-doctor practice within the year with the emphasis on including chiropractic and acupuncture therapy to the practice.

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is simple. Treat our patients like they are our horses and our clients like close friends. We strive to provide quality, progressive and compassionate care to our patients. With all successful relationships, communication is Hallmark. We work diligently to communicate and educate our clients at every turn. We are committed to being caring and approachable.

Our Doctor:

Larry G. Martin, D.V.M.

Dr. Martin is a native of San Diego, growing up in the mountain town of Julian and graduating from Julian High School. From high school Dr. Martin attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Lincoln College New Zealand studying Animal Science. He then proceeded to U.C. Davis for his veterinary degree,

graduating in 1988. Following graduation Dr. Martin practiced in the rural town of Alpine in a mixed animal practice before joining Large Animal Veterinary Associates (LAVA) in 1989. After nearly 30 years with LAVA and the decision of his long time business partner, Larry Catt to retire and live primarily in Wyoming, Dr. Martin began MEVP and moved the office to Alpine where he resides.


Read more about Dr. Martin HERE

Our Consulting Veterinarian:

Tina Kemper D.V.M., D.A.C.V.I.M. (L.A.I.M.)

We are so proud to have Dr. Kemper as a consultant and close friend to M.E.V.P.  Dr. Kemper and Dr. Martin's relationship goes back over 35 years when Dr. Kemper was a Resident at U.C. Davis and Dr. Martin was a student.  Dr. Kemper mentored Dr. Martin then and continues to mentor and assist MEVP with advanced medical cases.  Dr. Kemper is an icon in Equine Medicine in Southern California.  If you or anyone you know has had a critically ill horse you most certainly have heard of Dr. Kemper.  She has dedicated her life to the well being of the horse.  Her vast knowledge and caring, compassionate nature make her invaluable to the equine community.  

                                                                                                                                               Read more about Dr. Kemper HERE

Office Staff:

Amy Diener

Amy is our office manager and the center hub of the MEVP wheel. MEVP would not function without Amy at the helm. Amy has worked with Dr. Martin for over 12 years when he was partnered with LAVA and she made the transition to MEVP in 2019.

Read more about Amy HERE

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