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MEVP is a full service ambulatory practice. We provide a full array of medical and surgical procedures. Dr. Martin has over 30 years of experience in equine ambulatory service. We feel that the most important service we provide is a caring and compassionate approach to your equine companions. We strive to always communicate, educate and listen. Some of the services we provide include:

Dart Gun Anchor

Dart Gun:

We are equipped with darting equipment to assist in the restraint of wild/feral/fractious horses. The equipment has proved vital over the years in assisting the Humane Society with wild or escaped horses as well as the occasional owner of a adopted wild burro or mustang.

Dental Care:

Dental Anchor

Dr. Martin has much of the latest mechanized dental equipment. Equine dentistry is in a constant state of flux with advancements coming out continually. We are equipped to perform all your dental care needs including malocclusions such as over/under bites, waves, ramps, hooks and dropped teeth. We perform some dental extractions and work with the local referral hospitals for more in depth dental extractions and procedures. We have the ability to perform in the field digital skull radiographs to assist with diagnosis of dental and sinus pathology.


Endoscopy Anchor

We have endoscopic equipment that allows for the visualization of the upper airway and guttural pouches. This equipment also aids in the visualization of the oral cavity and vaginal vault. We hope to upgrade this equipment in the near future to further our capabilities.


Ultrsonography Anchor

Our trucks are equipped with digital ultrasound equipment. This allows for the evaluation of soft tissue structures such as tendons/ligaments, abdominal/thoracic surveys as well as reproductive assessment of the uterus/ovaries and determining pregnancies including twins.

Digital Radiology:

Digital Radiology Anchor

We are proud of the fact that we have the most advanced in the field cordless digital radiology equipment available to date. This one piece of equipment has advanced our capabilities in the field more than any other. We now have the ability to visualize conditions real-time in the field. This allows for early diagnosis stall side which leads to quick intervention and treatment. It has applications for lameness evaluations, prepurchase exams, skull/sinus and cervical screening. We are using this equipment almost daily, assisting farriers with proper balance and difficult cases. The digital format allows us to send the images off to a Board Certified Radiologist for consultation when necessary.


Cryotherapy Anchor

We have a complete cryotherapy treatment kit that allows for stall side treatment of cutaneous tumors.


Microchipping Anchor

We offer equine microchip identification for our equine companions. With the recent increase in natural disasters the need for permanent identification of our horses has grown significantly. We offer the latest microchips that are registered with a national data base. They are FEI compliant and are capable of being detected by any microchip reader.

Lameness Evaluation & Sports Medicine:

Lameness Eval & Sport Anchor

Lameness diagnosis and treatment is an important part of any equine practice. At MEVP we strive to stay abreast of the latest technology and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of lameness issues. We are equipped with digital radiology and ultrasonography equipment and are well versed in all aspects of diagnostic nerve and joint blocks for proper diagnosis of lameness conditions. We also work hand in hand with the local surgical and lameness facilities to provide our clients with seemless access to more advanced diagnostic procedures such as MRI, CT and nuclear scans. When it comes to treatment we are versed in all treatment modalities from conservative to advanced treatments such as PRP/IRAP and Stem Cells.

Prepurchase Exams:

Prepurchase Exams Anchor

While the purchase of a new equine companion is a joyful and exciting time, it is often a time of stress and uncertainty. Our goal at MEVP is to provide you, the buyer, with the most in depth evaluation possible. The results of the exam are carefully weighed and evaluated for the intended use and your needs as the rider. If necessary, additional testing may be indicated including radiographs, blood panels, ultrasound imaging or drug testing.

Preventative Care:

Preventative Care Anchor

This is a extremely important aspect of equine care and management and one that is often overlooked. The four cornerstones of equine preventative care are nutrition, vaccination, dentistry and parasite control. We are proud of our comprehensive Preventative Care Program which addresses all four of these vital cornerstones. With this program, our clients receive 2 ranch call visits per year. During these visits your horse receives physical exams which includes time for you to express any concerns or ask any questions you may have regarding your horse. The horses receive all their core vaccines, a fecal analysis and deworming as well as dental exams and dental care. Geldings also receive a yearly sheath cleaning. Ask the staff at MEVP if a PCP plan is right for you.

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